Man Made Disasters

Man made disasters can come in a variety of forms and their impact can range from inconvenient to lift threatening. Your best strategy for minimizing their impact on you and your family is to plan ahead and be ready before they happen.

Get prepared for the possibility of Worldwide Economic Collapse at Worldwide Economic Collape: There is no use hiding from the simple fact that international financial systems are on increasingly thin ice and if the ice cracks we are all going to get wet. The experts all agree that there may soon come a time when the global financial system will collapse under the weight of it’s own debt.

What would you do if one morning you woke to find that your savings were gone? You had no more job because money was worthless, nobody had any means to buy things the things necessary to survive. Commerce came to a halt and you had no skills for which to barter to feed your family. It has happen before and it can happen again!


Get prepared for an EMP Event at Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP): EMP is a man-made form of destruction that burns out unprotected electronics devices. EMP can be generated by a nuclear detonation or by special non-nuclear devices designed uniquely for that purpose. An EMP blast could disable or destroy all non-protected electrical devices including our entire power grid and communications infrastructure over wide areas.

These days our lives are highly dependent upon electrical power, cellular telephones, the Internet, etc. Even a minor EMP event could cause local damage that would be devastating and which could take months or even years to repair; a major EMP event could knock out substantially all unprotected electronics over the entire country and potential damage in the event of any EMP event increases as our dependence upon high tech electronic products increases!


Get prepared for a possible Terrorist Attack at Terrorism: There are literally hundreds of terrorist organizations around the world. Regardless of government pronouncement to the contrary, terrorism is NOT dead, it is growing. In addition to the many international terrorist organizations there are also “lone wolf” terrorists - individuals who are angry and striking out against their personal pet grievances, real or imagined.

Unfortunately, as recent events at the Boston Marathon demonstrated, we now also have to deal with the prospects of our own citizens who have been radicalized by extremists. These domestic terrorists are very difficult to spot and every citizen is a vital link in reporting suspicious behavior; we must stay vigilant not to get caught by surprise.


Get prepared for a possible BioTerror Attack at Bioterror Attack: Bioterrorism is a special, terrifying type of terrorist attack. Natural pandemics have been around as long as mankind and now the widespread propagation of genetic engineering technology makes it possible for natural viruses to be modified by our enemies to be even more deadly and treatment resistant.

The prospect of having to deal with a man-made biological attack during your lifetime is very real and should not be ignored. The impact of a major bioterror attack could last for months and cripple our economy for weeks or even months. Do you know how to protect those you love from a man-made plague?


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