Disasters Don't Make Appointments!

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Be Ready For A Variety Of Disasters

Don't let denial make you into a victim! Nobody wants to be in a disaster. Unfortunately, you seldom get a choice. Disasters often happen without warning and when they do you may not have a lot of time to spare - seconds count.

Most disasters are "come as you are" events and a few critical survival items plus some advance preparation may make all the difference between being a survivor or a casualty. Ask yourself which sounds better to you: Having plans and supplies so your family is prepared for a variety of disasters then never needing them or needing disaster plans and supplies and not having them?

A little planning and putting away some basic survival supplies could be critical. Don't wait! Plan ahead now and be ready.

We Can Help You Be Better Prepared


This web site is dedicated to helping you get better prepared for a variety of natural and man made disasters. Look around here and you'll find:

  • Disaster Characteristics - Not all disasters require the same resources and planning. We go through many of the most likely natural and man made disasters to help you better plan.

  • FREE Checklists - We have a number of planning and supply checklists that you can download for free. These can also be purchased in laminated card form.

  • Links To More Information - We include links to news, articles and other resources that you may find helpful in putting together your own custom family disaster plan.

  • Links To Vendors - We've selected a number of vendors who can help equip your family with what could be critical disaster survival supplies.

All it takes is just a few hours of planning and a modest investment in some basic supplies to be better prepared. Make it a family project. If you're lucky maybe you'll never need it. But you'll be able to rest easier knowing you've planned ahead and are prepared for the unexpected.

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